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MA Programme in Near and Middle Eastern Studies at LMU Munich (English and German version)

Cultural Complexity and Academic Clarity

MA Programme in Near and Middle Eastern Studies at the LMU Munich

“The Middle East is a region of conflicts and unable to maintain democracy and the rule of law; Islam is a violent and evil religion that produces gender inequality.” Opinions such as these have been expressed for a long time; nowadays, however, they seem to be especially en vogue. People working on the Near and Middle East operate in an atmosphere infested by prejudice, stereotyping and racism.

Intensive Ottoman Summer Program at Koç/ANAMED

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Koç University VEKAM // Call for Library and Archive Research Award

Koç University Vehbi Koc Ankara Studies Research Center (VEKAM)  has issued a call for scientific research to investigate on Ankara, over the collections and materials at VEKAM Library and Archive. Deadline for application: April 3, 2017.

For further information: https://vekam.ku.edu.tr/en/content/call-vekam-library-and-archive-award