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The Sydney N. Fisher Graduate Student Paper Prize

Dear H-Turk members,

The Ottoman and Turkish Studies Association (OTSA) would like to remind you about the upcoming deadline (June 15, 2017) for the Sydney N. Fisher Graduate Student Paper Prize (https://otsa.binghamton.edu/news/awards.html). Questions and award materials should be emailed to Dr. David Selim Sayers at the following address: david.s.sayers@turkologie.uni-giessen.de.


Henry Morgenthau and Mark L. Bristol information needed

Dear Colleagues:

I am looking for information regarding the personal lives of Morgenthau and Bristol.  Especially, their childhood information would be useful.  Any lead to their communication with each other, if available, would be very valuable.  If you can help, please contact me at hakan@ucf.edu


Thanks in advance


Hakan Ozoglu