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Program in Ottoman and Turkish Studies, Tel Aviv University – website update

Dear Colleagues,

In recent weeks, the website of the Program in Ottoman and Turkish Studies was down and access to it was blocked due to hackers’ attack that hit the host server. The server owner had to delete all sites, including ours, and including the site's backups.

We saw that as an opportunity to review our own backup copies and introduce some important updates that improve access and usage of the Program’s website. We have added a new management system that makes the site much more dynamic and user-friendly than before.

photograph archive, George Eastman House

Listserv members might be interested in this free resource. There's a digitized archive of photographs by French photographer, Chusseau-Flaviens, of Turkey. Over 500 photos from all over Turkey with a special focus on Constantinople and on general military themes, from around 1900-1919.