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New Book on Ottoman Espionage: Sultan’ın Casusları: 16. Yüzyılda İstihbarat, Sabotaj ve Rüşvet Ağları

I would like to share with my colleagues that I have published my book on Ottoman espionage in the sixteenth century, a monography partly coming from my dissertation defended five years ago at Georgetown University's Department of History. Unlike the dissertation that deals with the Habsburg and Venetian espionage, this book in Turkish deals entirely with the Ottoman case, through an amalgamation of rich corpus of documentation from Ottoman, Spanish, Venetian, Florentine and other European archives. I would like to thank my supervisors late Prof. Halil Inalcik and Prof.

Announcing…The Textile Museum Journal, Volume 44

Established in 1962, The Textile Museum Journal emerged as a leading publication for scholarship on textiles from Asian, African, and indigenous American cultures. For over forty years, its articles on a range of cultural, technical, historical, and aesthetic topics made significant contributions to the field, including pioneering research on pre-Hispanic Peruvian, Islamic, and Southeast Asian textiles. 

apartment for rent

2+1, 90 sqm, fully furnished apartment is available for rent on April 10, 2017. The apartment is in a good location in Buyukdere, Sarıyer district and it is very near to Koc University academic residences and the university itself. It is close to subway and bus stations and in 30 minutes distance to Bogazici University.The apartment is light, airy and all rooms have beautiful views of Bosphorus. For further information, please email to ece_ertem@yahoo.com.