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What’s up in Turkish and Ottoman Studies: New Books in 2018

Dear friends,
Before fully going into 2019 I would like to suggest a quick view on what has been published in the field of Turkish and Ottoman Studies during 2018. My previous attampt was quite successfull, and after completing my Ph.D. I decided to restart collecting new published books in a single place in order to have a comprehensive understanding of what is going on in the field.

Request for help finding elusive source

I am looking for the below publication, and am unable to locate a copy. Does anyone have a digital version they are willing to share, or know a library where it is to be found?

İstanbul Vilayetine Bağlı Köylerin Kalkınma Programı, Belediye Matbaası, İstanbul 1939

This link contains village lists which I suppose must be part of this volume, but I assume there is also text explaining the said development programme: