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Re: In Memoriam Professor V. L. Ménage

How Redhouse acquired his mastery of Ottoman Turkish was a question half-formed in my mind when I first met Victor Ménage.  He put me on to pursuing this alongside my dissertation research.  By dumb luck, that research turned up Ottoman documents and manuscripts by or about Redhouse that would have been hard or impossible to find otherwise.  The upshot of that was my article on Redhouse first published in the Journal of the American Oriental Society in 1979, later reprinted and translated, and also the basis for my article about Redhouse in the new DNB.  Alluding to the st

CFP: Empires of Water: Water Management and Politics in the Arid Regions of China, Central Eurasia and the Middle East (16th-20th centuries)

From: Samuel J. Hirst



  • Department of History, Lingnan University
  • School of Modern Languages and Cultures, the University of Hong Kong
  • Journal of the Economic and Social History of the Orient, Brill