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Sad news

Dear H-TURK;

We have just received word that noted Ottoman historian Halil Inalcik has passed away in Ankara.  More detailed obituaries will be forthcoming.  

---Mark Stein, H-TURK editor

Status of archives and libraries under emergency rule?

I realize that people have bigger problems to worry about these days and that conditions are likely still quite fluid, but I wonder if anyone currently in Istanbul would be able to provide information regarding the status of research institutions like the BOA and the state libraries these days. Are these places still open?

Thank you and best wishes,

Jim Meyer 

Looking for a translator of a Turkish text to English

 I am in possession of a memoir on life in modern Turkey, and I would like to translate the memoir into English for publication.  The memoir is 190 pages and it focuses on life in modern Turkey for a special ethnic group.  The translation will be in included in a book proposal for several university presses. Given the uniqueness of the author and memoir, I am waiting to secure the services of a translator under contract before discussing the text openly.

Conference CfP: Deprovincializing the U.S. Presidency: John F. Kennedy as seen from the decolonizing world

Submission and conference details:

  • Submission of abstracts (500 words max., plus a short CV): Monday, 3 October 2016, to Cyrus Schayegh, at schayegh@princeton.edu
  • Conference place / time: Princeton University, NJ, USA, Friday-Saturday, 5-6 May 2017
  • Flight and lodging (2 nights) paid by the conference organizer