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looking for a good color map of the early Ottoman vilayets of Rumeli, Anadolu, Rum (?), Karaman

Hi group

I have been trying to find a good color map depicting the early Ottoman vilayets of Rumeli, Anadolu, the vilayet established with its seat at Amasya (I saw it called "Rum" in only one source and not certain I've ever heard this - would not the principality of Canik be more appropriate?), and eventually Karaman.  Does anyone have suggestions?  I have Donald Pitcher's maps but the closest one I've found in that does not really make it clear where the vilayets begin or end (which perhaps is accurate).

Position in Turkish Literature



The Department of Turkish Literature at Bilkent University invites applications for a faculty appointment in Modern Turkish Literature. Candidates will be expected to be able teach courses in modern Turkish Literature, but also more specialized courses within that field. All specialisms, Tanzimat Era, literary theories, criticism, and Modern Turkish literature will be considered. Preference will be given to those who can demonstrate excellence in research, publications and teaching.