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Fully Furnished flat at Istanbul's Asian Side

Dear all,

We are renting out our fully furnished 3 bedroom-2 bathroom flat in Istanbul. The apartment is located at Suadiye, the Asian side of Istanbul, 10 minutes walking distance to Bagdat Caddesi and to Minibüs Yolu, The flat is located at the 13th floor, has a beautiful view of the sea of Marmara and the Prince Islands. The flat was recently renovated and has all the necessary amenities and kitchen equipments. The apartment has two elevators and a closed garage. The rent is $1,000.

Nazariyat Journal for the History of Islamic Philosophy and Sciences Volume 3 Issue 1 is Published

Nazariyat, Journal for the History of Islamic Philosophy and Sciences, issued twice a year in English and Turkish (Nazariyat İslam Felsefe ve Bilim Tarihi Araştırmaları Dergisi), is a refereed international journal. It publishes original studies, critical editions of classical texts and book reviews on Islamic philosophy, kalām, theoretical aspects of Sufism and the history of sciences.

CFP 18th Postgraduate Colloquium Byzantine, Ottoman and Modern Greek Studies, University of Birmingham, UK.

18th Annual Postgraduate Colloquium
3rd June 2017
Multiculturalism from Late Antiquity to Modernity
Papers are invited for the 18th Annual Postgraduate Colloquium at the Centre for Byzantine, Ottoman and
Modern Greek Studies. Multiculturalism is a concept which is present in modern everyday life but also
extremely relevant to the past. Empires by their very nature are multicultural constructs and while a great deal