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New Books on Tourism (in French)

Lettre de l'ADHC (l'Association pour le développement de l'histoire culturelle), février 2018, n°158
[From: Philippe Poirrier [mailto:ppoirrie@club-internet.fr]

(Courtesy of H-France):

SAIDI Habib, Identité de façade et zones d'ombre. Tourisme, patrimoine et politique en Tunisie, Paris, Editions Pétra, coll. « Terrains et théories anthropologiques », 2017.

TOC: Journeys - The International Journal of Travel & Travel Writing (Vol. 18, Issue 2)

Dear Colleague,

The articles in this issue of Journeys range from the challenge of negotiating the territory between myth and reality in representing the ‘truth’ to the literary and physical space that is the corpus of London. The interstitial perspective of the letters of Thomas Coryat is analyzed and the image of 1939 Greece Henry Miller’s writing presents is examined. This issue concludes with book reviews.