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Call for Papers and Projects - REMOTE: Designing with Outlying Societies

REMOTE is a peer-reviewed publication of the MIT SA+P Press

Due: August 1st, 2015



REMOTE: Designing with Outlying Societies prompts us to investigate the ethical and ideological assumptions of contemporary humanitarian architecture in the contexts of isolated peoples.


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Ashgate Publishing is pleased to present our newest titles on Tourism. Our full catalogue may be viewed here: www.ashgate.com/pdf/catalogues/Tourism-2015.pdf

Please visit www.ashgate.com/tourism for more information.

Come and listen to the (oral) archive! « Voices of French railway workers. An oral history 1930-1950 », Exhibition at the French State Archive from April 9 to June 20 2015 and one-day conference on May, 28

Dear Colleagues,


We are glad to announce the opening of the Oral History exhibition Voix cheminotes. Une histoire orale des années 1930 à 1950 (Voices of French railway workers. An oral history 1930-1950) shown from April 8th, 2015 to June 20th, 2015  at the French State Archive / Archives nationales, in their brand new Pierrefitte center in the outskirts of Paris  (59, rue Guynemer - 93383 Pierrefitte-sur-Seine - by the metro : Line 13 - Saint-Denis Université).