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Re: A few potential questions to H-Travel

Dear Dr Nishino,

One field of enquiry that springs to mind is the social history of colonialism and empire. My colleague Esme Cleall at the University of Sheffield (UK), for instance, uses colonial travel writing to see what it can tell us about subaltern identities in the metropolis, such as those of women and travellers with disabilities: the colonised-coloniser dichotomy complicates these identities.

Final Call - BRIDGE: The Heritage of Connecting Places and Cultures

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A friendly reminder that the final call for papers for BRIDGE: The Heritage of Connecting Places and Cultures closes on 27th February.
This international conference will take place at the Ironbridge Gorge World Heritage Site from 6 - 10 July 2017. To submit your 300 word abstract, and find out more, please visit our conference website: https://bridgeconference.wordpress.com/call-for-papers/

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A few potential questions to H-Travel

The message below was sent to our new book review editor, Evan Ward, from Ryota Nishino, who agreed to forward his questions to the list.


Dear Evan,
My name is Ryota Nishino, a lecturer (asst. prof.) in History at the University of the South Pacific, Fiji. I am a subscriber to H-Net Travel. I recently read you are the new editor. Reading your introduction made prompted me to ask you a few questions.