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Undergraduate Textbook on the Reagan Era?

Dear colleagues,

I am looking for a textbook for an undergraduate course on 'Reagan's America: U.S. Politics in the 1980s' that I will be teaching in the fall of 2015. Does anyone have any suggestions?

The students taking the course will be 1st or 2nd semester undergraduates in an American Studies program. So I am looking for a book that offers a good introduction to American politics in the 1980s for students with no or limited knowlegde about the topic. Ideally, the book would cover both domestic politics and foreign policy, culture wars and economic policy, etc. 

March 2 Deadline Approaching: NEH Summer Institute for College and University Teachers, American Material Culture: Nineteenth Century New York

American Material Culture: Nineteenth-Century New York

NEH Summer Institute for College and University Teachers

At the Bard Graduate Center: Decorative Arts, Design History, Material Culture, New York City, July 7-31, 2015. 

Objects matter. Material culture scholars use artifactual evidence such as consumer goods, architecture, clothing, landscape, decorative arts, and many other types of material.

New Films on African-American Studies for Black History Month

Hi All,

I am attaching some information about two new films from Women Make Movies that might be of interest to you:

In honor of Black History Month, Women Make Movies is thrilled to announce the release of REFLECTIONS UNHEARD: Black Women in Civil Rights (http://bit.ly/reflectionsunheard) and LIVING THINKERS: An Autobiography of Black Women in the Ivory Tower (http://bit.ly/livingthinkers).