Welcome to H-TAH, the network for Teaching American History Grant Recipients!

This network is for those who have received a Teaching American History grant already and are working on the activities, issues, and content related to the Teaching American History program of the US Department of Education. It is not an official communications medium for the Department's staff, policies, or announcements, but it is operated as a joint partnership by the Organization of American Historians and H-Net in cooperation with the Department of Education. The network will link project directors, teacher participants, content providers, local education agencies, and public stakeholders through discussions, a TAH project link database, documents, and announcements.  Although funding for the TAH project has been absent from recent federal appropriations, many TAH projects continue on, so our network helps to consolidate and expand that remarkable legacy.

If you are looking for a network that is about teaching American history, please look at H-Net's list of networks. This is not the network you are looking for.