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This network covers the activities, issues, and content related to the Teaching American History program of the US Department of Education. It is not an official communications medium for the Department's staff, policies, or announcements, but it is operated as a joint partnership by the Organization of American Historians and H-Net in cooperation with the Department of Education. The network will link project directors, teacher participants, content providers, local education agencies, and public stakeholders through discussions, a TAH project link database, documents, and announcements.  Although funding for the TAH project has been absent from recent federal appropriations, many TAH projects continue on, so our network helps to consolidate and expand that remarkable legacy.


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New Article up on OSU's "Origins": " Russia, Gay Rights, and the Sochi Olympics"

The issue: The Sochi Olympics were designed to be a crowning moment in the Russia of Vladimir Putin, a chance to move on from the years of breakdown and uncertainty that followed the end of the Soviet Union and to celebrate a strong, new Russia. And they have been. But the games have also been marred by cost overruns, corruption, terrorist threats, and most especially international backlash against Russian treatment of homosexuality.  This month, historian David Stone explores the roots of Russia’s new law on homosexual propaganda and the increasing intolerance of Russian society. The whole article can be found at

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Hello to the Members of H-TAH!

Hello everyone and welcome to the new H-TAH!

We can do a lot of things on this new site that we could not do before. For instance, if you have completed some projects and need a place to house them, we can do that here.

If you have copyright-free material, or material that you own the copyright to, click the Read more or Reply link in this email. You can set up an account and then upload contributions.

I will have to moderate these before they are posted but that should not take more than a day or two.  I am looking forward to seeing what everyone has accomplished. :-)

Jean Stuntz

Editor, H-TAH

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U.S. Department of Education Report Forms and Documents

We will collate any official documents supplied us by ED.  As always, be sure to check the official TAH home page at ED to verify accuracy.