Welcome to H-Swahili Network.

The H-Swahili network will strive to conduct its business in Swahili and in English as the primary languages on topical issues related to the use, teaching, promotion and general advancement of the Swahili language and culture, which is spoken by over 100 million people throughout East, Central and parts of Southern Africa.

Karibuni kwenye Mtandao wa H-Swahili.

Mtandao wa H-Swahili utajitahidi kuendesha shughuli zake kwa Kiswahili na Kiingereza, kama lugha zake za kwanza, katika masuala yote yanayohusu ufundishaji, utangazaji na uendelezaji,kwa jumla,wa lugha na utamaduni wa Kiswahili;lugha ambayo inazungumzwa na zaidi ya watu milioni mia moja, Afrika ya Mashariki na Kati, na katika baadhi ya sehemu za Kusini mwa Afrika.

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Re: Support Your Local Editor...

These pleas for donations go out to every network on H-Net and I feel a little funny every time I see one appear on a network that has been so quiet for so long. This message in particular is odd as it emphasizes the good work of H-Net editors, then appears on a network that is silent because it has had no editor.