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Seeking Panelist for NASSH 2018

John Soares (Notre Dame) and Heather Dichter (De Montfort University) are organizing a panel for NASSH 2018 and are looking for another scholar to join them. We currently have a focus on ice hockey, diplomacy, and the Cold War, but we are flexibile with the exact nature of the panel. We are interested in having papers on any of those three areas: ice hockey, diplomacy, or the Cold War (not necessarily with the sport of ice hockey).

Creating a Hall of Fame

Good afternoon,

Next semester I am teaching a class called "Sports in New Jersey."  I am building the class around the concept of creating our own imaginary New Jersey Sports Hall of Fame.  I want to start by situating them in scholarship about Hall of Fames, including how they are created, selection process, curatorial decisions, etc.

Any articles, books, or other reading suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.