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CFA International Summer School in sports sciences (2-6 July 2018)

Dear colleagues, 

Please find attached the call for applications for the Summer School in sport sciences (humanities and social sciences). After many Summer Schools in Copenhagen (organized by Gertrud Pfister), Summer School helds at Paris since 2016 with an international pedagogical team. 

The meeting between a team of renowned scholars and PhD students from various countries will provide an excellent opportunity learn about state of the art theories and methods, to exchange information, e.g. on research projects,  and build an international network.

X-Post: Book Review: Wood on Rider, 'Cold War Games: Propaganda, the Olympics, and U.S. Foreign Policy.' Sport and Society Series.

Toby C. Rider. Cold War Games: Propaganda, the Olympics, and U.S. Foreign Policy. Sport and Society Series. Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 2016. 288 pp. $95.00 (cloth), ISBN 978-0-252-04023-8; $24.95 (paper), ISBN 978-0-252-08169-9.

Reviewed by Molly M. Wood (Wittenberg University)
Published on H-FedHist (December, 2017)
Commissioned by Caryn E. Neumann

Re: What does it means to be a sports power in Latin America?

Jane Rausch

Dear Mauricio,

I am currently at work on a study of ciclismo in Colombia. Several contemporary sources indicate that
Colombia is a world power in this sport given the recent achievements by Colombians in the Tour to France. Back in 1984 Rafael Duque Naranjo wrote that successive strong performances in European tours had already located Colombia as a "superpotencia "in world ciclismo. Other reports suggest that today the Vuelta a Colombia is a more challenging contest even than the Tour de France.