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Looking for research assistance in Madrid

I am looking for someone who could do some (paid) work for me in the Archivo General de la Administracion.

This would involve working through some diplomatic correspondence from the early-nineteenth century, to photograph relevant pages.

Can anyone recommend a postgraduate student or professional researcher who might be interested? They would need to speak English or French, as my Spanish is fairly basic.

I can be contacted directly at julie.kalman@monash.edu

Many thanks.


CFP: Special Issue on Digital Humanities Bulletin for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies

The Editors of the Bulletin for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies invite submissions for a proposed Special Issue on Digital Humanities for our December 2018 publication. The aim of the issue is to examine the digital resources, research methodologies and pedagogical practices that have been developed by scholars working in the fields of Spanish and Portuguese historical studies. 

Publicación online: Revista Historia Autónoma, n. 12

Estimados compañeros y compañeras.

Nos ponemos en contacto con todos vosotros para anunciaros la publicación del número 12 de la Revista Historia Autónoma, al cual puede accederse a través de nuestra web www.revistahistoriaautonoma.es. Esperamos que su contenido resulte de vuestro interés.

Os agradecemos vuestra atención, y quedamos a vuestra total disposición.

Un cordial saludo.