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Call for authors - Contributors Needed (Essay on The Spanish Empire)

I am looking for eight individuals (faculty or graduate students) interested in writing a 2500-word essay on one of the following two topics:

1, Why was Spain Successful at Establishing an Empire? (need four versions)

2. What Led to the Demise of the Spanish Empire? (need four versions)


The eight essays are to be included in a forthcoming publication by ABC-CLIO, entitled The Spanish Empire: A Historical Encyclopedia.  An introductory essay will be written for each question, tying the four versions together.

37th ACIS Conference at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (September 2015)

La Association for Contemporary Iberian Studies (ACIS), que reúne a especialistas interdisciplinares en temas relacionados con España y Portugal, celebrará entre el 2 y el 4 de septiembre de 2014 su 37ª Conferencia Anual, la cual estará organizada conjuntamente por Universidad Autónoma de Madrid, University of Roehampton y University of Westminster. El evento tendrá lugar en dicho centro universitario madrileño y a los participantes en la misma se les ofrecerá la posibilidad de alojarse en la Residencia de Estudiantes. Los organizadores han lanzado un “Call for Panels” y “Call for Papers”.