Welcome to H-Southern Music. For many observers, music represents one of the most identifiable characteristics of the American South. Indeed, there is little doubt that music has provided one of the region's greatest contributions to national and world culture. The primary purpose of H-Southern Music is to provide a forum for exploring and discussing the historical nature of those contributions.

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H-Net is uniquely poised in the online academic world in a way that other sites and outlets simply can't match. It isn't just H-Net's new publishing platform that makes that the case. In the past two years 280 new editors have joined H-Net. That's 280 scholars, researchers,
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Presentation on Key issues in Banjo History from the Annual Banjo Gathering

My presentation on key issues in Banjo History from the 18th Annual Banjo Gathering (formerly called the Banjo Collectors Gathering) in Baltimore October 30, 2015.  The banjo collectors gathering is the central event in discussion of banjo history.

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Over ten years ago, the H-Net Council passed a Strategic Plan for H-Net that envisioned what became the Commons.  H-Net would “implement an enterprise-wide content management system that encourages information sharing in a protected networked environment monitored by field experts” and “Plan for migration of content delivery technologies to web-based formats for editing, publication, and service.”