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Ben Fowkes
Alex Zukas

Zukas on Fowkes, 'The German Left and the Weimar Republic: A Selection of Documents'

Ben Fowkes. The German Left and the Weimar Republic: A Selection of Documents. Chicago: Haymarket Books, 2015. 399 pp. $28.00 (paper), ISBN 978-1-60846-486-9.

Reviewed by Alex Zukas (Department of Social Sciences, National University)
Published on H-Socialisms (May, 2016)
Commissioned by Gary Roth

The German Revolutions

Registraton open: Anton Pannekoek (1873-1960): Ways of Viewing Science and Society

On 9  & 10  June 2016 an interdisciplinary conference will be held at the Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences in Amsterdam, which explores how scholarship, arts and political ideology interacted during the early twentieth century. The goal of the conference is to shed new light on the work of Anton Pannekoek and his contemporaries: scientists and artists that were active in radical politics. Why were radical politics, science and modernism so often closely intertwined perspectives at the turn of the twentieth century?

CfP: Heritage Studies and Socialism: Transnational Perspectives on Heritage in Eastern and Central Europe

In the last decade, heritage studies have emerged as a field of cross-disciplinary research covering the topics including the built environment, museums and collections, urban planning, memory, and tourism. Though dealing with objects and practices of the past, heritage studies are rather concerned with the relation of heritage to the present and its role in the future.