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Journal of Global Slavery: Call for article submissions

Journal of Global Slavery

Call for article submissions


The Journal of Global Slavery (JGS) aims to advance and promote a greater understanding

of slavery and post-slavery from comparative, transregional, and/or global perspectives. It

especially underscores the global and globalizing nature of slavery in world history.


As a practice in which human beings were held captive for an indefinite period of time,

Re: Singing Slave Women in the Medieval Islamic Court: Research and Teaching Resources

Thank you for the great guide, Lisa! I learned a lot from this. My suggestion is not necessarily for this guide, but perhaps for a future guide from H-Slavery. I noticed that the systems of slavery in the Islamic world differ in several ways from slavery in the United States. I'd be interested if a future guide could compare the institution of slavery throughout the world and explore these similarities and differences. It seems that this would be a great way to enrich our understanding of the topic.

Thanks again!

Stephen Leccese