On February 21, 2017, H-Net Council voted to de-commission H-Shukyo. The network has been largely unused and ran without editors for an extended period of time. Attempts to find new ones did not work out. Rather than continuing attempts to revive an unused network, we suggest prospective subscribers join our much larger and active networks in related fields. These might include H-JapanH-NE-AsiaH-BuddhismH-Asia and many  more of our 180+ networks

Feel free to contact me with any questions about this decommissioning.


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H-Net Commons Quick Start Guides #3: Starting a Thread

A series of guides from the H-Net Help Desk to get started using the new H-Net Commons.

#3: Starting a New Discussion

Want to post a query or announcement, or raise a new issue for readers to discuss? - Subscribers can create a new discussion on any of their networks.  Other subscribers can respond.

Hōzawa Naohide
Alexander Vesey

Vesey on Naohide, 'Kinsei bukkyō no seido to jōhō'

Hōzawa Naohide. Kinsei bukkyō no seido to jōhō. Tokyo: Yoshikawa Kōbunkan, 2015. 408 pp. (cloth), ISBN 978-4-642-03470-8.

Reviewed by Alexander Vesey (Meiji Gakuin University) Published on H-Shukyo (July, 2016) Commissioned by Orion Klautau

Refining our Understanding of the Tokugawa-era Buddhist Clergy

Japanese Journal of Religious Studies Issue 43:1 (2016)

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to announce the publication of the spring 2016 issue of the Japanese Journal of Religious Studies. This is a special issue on kōshiki in Japanese Buddhism, which has a substantial online supplement containing translations of three kōshiki texts. The issue is dedicated to Professor Yamada Shōzen (1929-2014), the founder of the Society for the Research of Kōshiki (Kōshiki Kenkyūkai 講式研究会).