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Re: H-SHGAPE Question of the Week:

I have actually benefited enormously from the ever-growing supply of digitized primary documents. When I taught the PROGE last, I incorporated the history of my university town (Binghamton, NY) and had students read about a local Cigar Strike, the Endicott-Johnson Shoe Factory (a company town), and a terrible clothing factory fire that killed 38 young immigrant girls. It gave students' first-hand examples of PROGE themes while also encouraging them to connect with the city in which they live.

Re: H-SHGAPE Question of the Week:

My students get a lot of mileage out of Jane Addams' "The Subjective Necessity of Social Settlements" (1892). This initially surprised me, as I wasn't expecting students to connect with Addams, given her penchant for world travel, her support for expansive government action (I teach in a conservative area), etc. However, a substantial number of my students relate to Addams' description of the frustrations of young women with older generations telling them their dearly-held beliefs are precious and unimportant, and the reading always makes for a good discussion.