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H-SHGAPE was originally developed and maintained by Dr. Patrick Reagan, who deserves credit for assembling its wealth of information. Thanks are also due to the numerous GAPE scholars whose contributions in the form of syllabi, bibliographies, essays, and reviews make H-SHGAPE an invaluable resource for students and teachers. Scholars interested in contributing to updating these resources are encouraged to contact the web editor Christopher McKnight Nichols.


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GAPE Bibliography Project, Phase 1: Exam Reading Lists

Hello all,

As part of my duties as an H-SHGAPE network editor, I'm interested in assembling a comprehensive bibliography of scholarly books and significant academic articles on the Gilded Age and Progressive Era.  This bibliography could serve as a resource for graduate students compiling exam lists, researchers looking for scholarship on some aspect of the period, or general readers interested in our field.  This is a big project and will take me a while to complete, and it will need to be updated continually with newly-published scholarship.