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Calling All Writers/Bloggers for the New SHGAPE Website!

Calling All Gilded Age and Progressive Era Scholars! The new SHGAPE website will have a special section featuring curated and edited posts from scholars like you! If you've been working on some interesting research, a public history project, or have just published a book or article, let us know! We'd love to have a short piece where you share more of your research, or do an interview with you! This is a great chance to get your work out there and share it. Email Lauren MacIvor Thompson at lmacivor1@gsu.edu for more information. 

Re: H-SHGAPE Question of the Week: the History of Capitalism and GAPE

Capitalism is central to how I teach the late 19th and early 20th centuries in my 300-level course on that era. Issues that draw on insights from the history of capitalism include: the Panic of 1873 and the failure of the Freedmen's Savings Bank, the Great Strike of 1877, the Panic of 1893 and its results (including the Pullman strike and Coxey's march on Washington), and the beginnings of business regulation after about 1890.