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Call for papers: VIVA AFRICA 2021 – Africa and (the Other) Europe: Imageries – Discourses – Exchanges

Twelfth VIVA AFRICA conference invites participants to engage in a discussion of mutual encounters, inventions, constructions and relations of all kinds taking place between Africa and Europe, in the pastpresent and future. Especially – although by no means exclusively – we invite scholars studying the exchanges and entanglements between African countries and those parts of Europe that are not conventionally associated with colonialism (e. g.

Online Lectures

Collecting in Russia - Lecture 2: The Yusupovs in Paris – Building a Collection, by Wilfried Zeisler

In the second of the series of online lectures (webinars) organised jointly by Princeton University and the European University at St Petersburg, Wilfried Zeisler of Hillwood Museum will talk about the Princes Yusupov collecting in Paris in the nineteenth century. 

22 October 2020, noon EST = 17.00 London, 18.00 Paris, 19.00 Moscow

Online on Zoom, free to all but registration is obligatory: