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Re: Colonial Pennsylvania lotteries?

You might take a look at Neal Elizabeth Millikan's 2008 University of South Carolina dissertation, "'Willing to be in Fortune's Way': Lotteries in the Eighteenth-Century British North American Empire." It was since published by Routledge as Lotteries in Colonial America, though I haven't seen that version and do not know whether the publisher kept Millikan's very helpful appendices.

Mark Boonshoft

New York Public Library

Re: Court cases related to witchcraft in the 19th century?

No court cases, but: Why blacks in New England were treated as they were:

Timothy J. McMillan, "Black Magic: Witchcraft, Race, and Resistance in Colonial New England," Journal of Black Studies 25, (September 1994), 99-117.

Adoption by blacks of a European practice:

James M. Davidson, "Rituals Captured in Context and Time: Charm Use in North Dallas Freedman's Town (1869-1907), Dallas, Texas," Historical Archaeology 38, 2 (2004), 22-54.