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Kentucky Historical Society Research Fellowship Program Spring Deadline March 1, 2022

The Kentucky Historical Society (KHS) is seeking applications for the KHS research fellowship program for the spring 2022 cycle. The program provides funding for academic researchers whose projects focus on Kentucky or larger regional-related topics. Time periods are open - researchers have used the Kentucky Historical Society's archival holdings to shed light on a vast array of topics, including resistance and slavery, politics, medical history, religion, early frontier, and environmentalism and economic development.

Elkins and Mckitrick, Age of Federalism controversy?

I'm now working on the Quasi-War, which has taken me deep into the 1790s.  I'm looking at Elkins and McKitrick's impressive Age of Federalism.  I vaguely remember some controversty that it generated after it had been out for a while.  I do not remember the details, although it had something to do with their metholdology.  I can find nothing on this matter on the Internet.  Can anyone help?

Thanks--Don Hickey, Wayne State College (NE)


Taylor-Fillmore Christmas Blog Post

Dear H-SHEARites,

You or your students may be interested in the newest, seasonal blog post from the Correspondence of Zachary Taylor and Millard Fillmore: "A Post Not about Christmas." https://edspace.american.edu/taylorandfillmore/a-post-not-about-christmas/

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