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Re: Historical Newspaper Links

Who says H-Net is dead? I've had over 700 views of my website since posting this thread on H-SHEAR and H-SOUTH, about 24 hours ago. Most visitors (perhaps 90%) are from the US, but there are a smattering of international visitors as well. I intended to post this thread to the Nineteenth Century Facebook page at a later date to experiment with which forum cast a broader net, but an H-SHEAR member beat me to it and posted it within hours of my initial post (Thanks!). It has not been reposted to the AHA Community forum, so I think that speaks for how our current social media works.

Conference on Cultural Revitalization from Thomas Jefferson to Franz Boas, American Philosophical Society

“Translating Across Space and Time” is an international conference hosted by the American Philosophical Society in Philadelphia, PA from October 13-15, 2016 and co-sponsored by the Penn Humanities Forum.  The three-day conference will bring together a range of scholars, practitioners, and community leaders to discuss the ways archival collections and scholarly fieldwork can help preserve and revitalize endangered languages and cultural practices in indigenous communities throughout North America.