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"Spanish Potatoes"

I'm working on colonial and early republic advertisements for runaway servants and apprentices in New Hampshire.  Most of the subsribers offered a reward for the return of their servants or apprentices, ranging from one penny to ten or even forty dollars.  However, I've also encountered at least a half dozen instances where the reward offered was "1 Spanish Potato" or "3 Spanish Potatoes" (the earliest occuring in 1775, the latest 1815).  

An Evidence-Based Review of Academic Web Search Engines (x-h-histbibl)

(Ed. note [PBK]: although the referenced article addresses librarians, its discussion of the effectiveness of academic search engines may be of interest to scholars who rely heavily on them.)

An Evidence-Based Review of Academic Web Search Engines, 2014-2016: Implications for Librarians’ Practice and Research Agenda

Discussion published by Dominique Daniel on Tuesday, April 17, 2018