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H-SHEAR is dedicated to enhancing scholarly communication on the history of the early American republic, during the period 1775 to 1860. The network is sponsored by SHEAR, the Society of Historians of the Early American Republic, and is owned by H-Net, Humanities & Social Sciences Online, currently centered at Michigan State University.  Click here to learn more...


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ESSAY PRIZE: British Association for American Studies & Adam Matthew Digital – DEADLINE 20th January 2017

The British Association for American Studies is pleased to announce the second Adam Matthew Digital essay prize consisting of £500 plus one-year’s access to one Adam Matthew Digital archival collection chosen by the author. Prize-winning essays will be offered publication in US Studies Online: the Postgraduate and Early Career Researcher Network and Blog.

Seeking Panelists for SHEAR 2017: Alcohol and Conflict


I am putting together a panel for SHEAR 2017 which examines tensions and conflict involving alcohol in the early republic. My own contribution would focus on Chicago's Lager Beer Riot of 1855 as window into German-American citizenship claims and notions of economic prosperity, as influenced by their immigrant status, ethnic identity, and advocacy from temperance and nativist groups.

Please contact me at alberts3@purdue.edu if you are interested in presenting, commenting, or chairing this panel.

Thank you!