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New Book: Dennison on Jhanas and Neuroscience

I am pleased to share a new release that I hope will be of interest to those on this list. 

1. Jhana Consciousness: Buddhist Meditation in the Age of Neuroscience
By Paul Dennison

An interdisciplinary deep dive into Buddhist jhāna meditation and how it can transform our understanding of self and consciousness.

Syllabi for Modern Southeast Asia course, intermediate level

Dear colleagues,

I am looking to freshen my Modern Southeast Asia course, and I would like to ask if anyone might share their syllabi, sources, and particualrly assignments with me. My current course, for which there has not been a demand for a while, is out of date. The course will be taught next year at the intermediate undergraduate level, with students who will appreciate a mixture of written and visual sources, including videos, etc. Any suggestions much appreciated.

Call for Papers - What Now? Updating Great Power Competition After the Russian Invasion of Ukraine - December 1, 2022

What Now? Updating Great Power Competition After the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

The America in the World Consortium invites PhD students, early scholars, and early policy practitioners to submit proposals for a one-day conference on great power competition in an ever-changing security landscape.