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QUERY: Walt Disney and the Vietnam War

Most scholars are aware of the CIA and the NSA's efforts to employ cultural institutions and media organizations as fronts or as unwitting vehicles for promoting what was believed to be anti-comunist values.  During the Cold War,  Walt Disney needed little prodding by anyone to assist in American patriotic anti-communist programs,  I am looking for copies/evidence of a comic book which was published only in the Asia-Pacific in which Donald Duck led the fight against communism there.  But I am particualry interested finding an eyewitness or other evidence of the actual distribution by the Un

CFP: Southeast Asian Religions on the Periphery

Vivienne SM. Angeles, La Salle University, angeles@lasalle.edu and Paul Rodell, Georgia Southern University, rodell@georgiasouthern.edu are hosting a panel at the 2015 EuroSEAS Conference in Vienna on August 11-14. We include the panel description below and are inviting paper proposals on the topic. If you would like to join us, please send a 200-250 word abstract and short bio to us as soon as possible.