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Comment: New article on Library concerns over sharing digital materials


Below is a link to and excerpt from an article by Nancy Sims  concerning the conundrums libraries face when they try to assign intellectual property rights statements (such as creative commons licenses) to materials where the ownership of rights is not clear.  Thanks to our sister list H-HistBibl for the reference.

new book on intellectual property reviewed (comment)


In a blog post from last month entitled  "Intellectual Property, Long Story Short," Karin Wulf reviews Siva Vaidhyanathan's book on intellectual property rights for the Scholarly Kitchen blog, concluding that:

"Vaidhyanathan thus concludes where I think he means to begin, which is by exhorting us to pay ever closer attention to the key infrastructures of the knowledge economy 'to [better] forge the intellectual property systems we deserve.'  In this smart, engaging book, surprisingly provocative for a short introduction, he won this reader."