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Re: Sexual harassment at conferences (comment) (reply)

I read the Guardian Articles and the one you shared by Rebecca Traister, "This Moment Isn't (Just) About Sex. It's Really About Work". I was feeling and thinking many of the things she mentions in this article; and could not have said it better. I do not have an experience to relate in the academic setting or at academic conferences. However, as I have listened to the various incidents unfold, I have felt like the harassment is the symptom, and an inordinate share of power is the disease.

Women and Power by Mary Beard

It seems timely to recommend a recent book by the classical scholar Mary Beard ---  Women and Power: A Manifesto (Liveright Publishing, 2017).  It consists of two essays previously published in The London Review of Books, "The Public Voice of Women" and "Women in Power,"  which some of you may have read already. Beard does an impressive job of weaving themes from classical literature and history into contemporary women's history and her own experiences as a public intellectual. I particularly enjoyed the illustrations.

Re: Sexual harassment at conferences (comment) (reply)

Joanne & Margaret.

It is of interest to me. Unfortunately, I have been slow in replying and will read the other articles and try to reply later today. I tried to access the link you provided Joanne; but it came back with a message that the "link was broken"? Not sure what that means; but could you try again?

Josey/Josephine Cooper