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Re: Women and Power (reply)

Thank you, Kathleen, for sharing the Mary Beard interview. I usually watch the News Hour, but somehow I missed this one. And thank you, Margaret, for dealing with the problem of long links --- one that I hope H-Net will solve.

Having this taste of Beard's ideas will, I hope, encourage people to read the book itself. Like another important classical scholar, Daniel Mendelsohn, Beard lives with wisdom and passion in both the past and the present.

Digitized archives, 2017 (comment)


H-Hist-Bibl shared a link to the Atlas Obscura post on the most amazing archival treasures digitized in 2017.  They include an illuminated English translation of a treatise on surgery by Guy de Chauliac from the New York Academy of Medicine, an enormous panorama of a voyage around the world fom the New Bedford Whaling Museum, and a 1958 photograph of Carrie Fisher from the Los Angeles Public LIbrary 

Re: Women and Power by Mary Beard

I agree Joanne - I got the book as a Christmas present and really enjoyed it - a quick read too, but with much to provoke discussion and more thought. Her historical perspective is invaluable, and draws on her scholarship in the classics. She also points to OUR need to discuss and think and speak (!) to develop a manifesto - she admits she isn't there yet in framing the manifesto, and I found that endeared me to her work even more.