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Call Me ????


Below , courtesy of a post from the National Coalitions of Independent Scholars, is a link to an opinion that appeared in the Chronicle of Higher Education last year, "Stop Calling Me Independent Scholar" by Megan Kate Nelson, October 8, 2017.

Re: Funding bodies for 11 European countries launch open access initiative (comment) (news)

NCIS has also posted a link to a long article discussing the cOAlition S proposal at

"EU and national funders launch plan for free and immediate open access to journals,"
By Éanna Kelly for the website Science Business, September 4, 2018

Preparing for work in the real world (Comment)(advice)

Courtesy of NCIS, here is a link to an article from the Inside Higher Ed blog for ways to prepare for a non-academic position.  The article is intended for graduate students, but many of the tips are relevant for other scholars too.  For example they say that employers are often more interested in blog posts or online articles than they are in academic articles because these public productions prove that the author can write for a broad audience.