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Studia Historiae Scientiarum volumes 16 (2017) and 15 (2016)

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One article indexed in this journal that is especially relevant to H-Scholar is Steven Laporte, "Preprint for the humanities– fiction or a real possibility?* Vol 16 (2017)

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Tropy (resources)


Developed by George Mason University and funded by the Mellon Foundation, "Tropy" is a new free app. designed to enable researchers to organize the chaos of photographs they take on research trips to archives.

(the name conveys the opposite of "entropy")

The American Historical Association's newsletter Perspectives on History includes an article about the creation of the app at

Re: Lost: 31 terabytes

Thank you for this post, Margaret! I think when most of us hear about the theft of intellectual property we think in terms of stereotyped intellectual property, that is, property with high monetary value, such as commercial secrets or movies and books that would command a high price. We seldom think of scholarly efforts, or of academic institutional hacks that can be pulled off via affiliated scholars' information. Now the ball is in the scholarly court.