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Further discussion of censorship in China (comment)


Our sister H-Net network, H-Asia, has a follow-up post by Elizabeth Redden sharing links to recent comments on censorship of academic work in China and on Chinese efforts to control scholarly communication about China overseas. 

You can find the H-Asia post here:


Re: Shold citations be censored? (comment)

It's a citation in a different journal of a previously published work, not an original statement by the author, and should not be removed.

Additionally, if the citation (and publication of the article) was published before any subsequent findings against the original published article, there has been no "bad action" by the author/article that made the citation.

Historical record and all that.

Archives and issues (comment)


The journal French Historical Studies has put five of its most-read articles from 2017 on open access for the month of January.

Among those articles is one of interest to a much wider group of historians and researchers:

in the Introduction to the special issue on "Archives in French History" Sarah A. Curtis and Stephen L. Harp discuss the experience of being "outsiders" using archives in another country and some of the themes that have emerged in discussions about the nature of archiving and archives.

Nominate your favorite librarian

Your network editor has reposted this from H-Announce. The byline reflects the original authorship.

We all know how much independent scholars depend on help from their librarians.  Here is one way to say "thank you."
In addition, if you had an especially good experience with a library or a librarian, I invite you to share it here.