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my mistake


In the course of trying to fix some startup problems on H-Scholar I inadvertently posted the message below from H-Net , which was evidently intended for my own account and not for the list.  It contained the password that was created for me.  H-Net has cancelled the password and it no longer works.

If you need to reset your own password, below is a link to a help file on that topic


Re: Welcome to H-Scholar on the Commons

Navigating the sign-up for H-Scholar on the Commons takes a bit of patience and determination, but I hope that our list members will not be discouraged. Our new Commons presence offers many new opportunities.  At the moment, the H-Scholar editors welcome suggestions for content on our Commons page.  What resources, kinds of information, etc. might be helpful to you in your scholarly work?

Joanne Lafler  jwlafler@ix.netcom.com


Welcome to H-Scholar on the Commons

Subject: Important subscriber information: Transition to H-Net Commons


Welcome to the H-Net Commons!  As we noted in a recent message, H-Scholar is no
longer operating as a listserv and is now on the H-Net Commons.  (Note that as this
message is sent during the migration process, it may be a couple of hours before
everything is completely visible.)

We have created an account for you at http://networks.h-net.org/ with the login

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H-Scholar is H-Net's Network for independent scholars and scholarship.

I. The H-Scholar Network: Scope, Content, Purpose

THE FOCUS OF H-SCHOLAR is the pursuit of serious scholarship that is not supported by institutional resources: independent scholarship. To this end, H-Scholar encourages subscribers to share their research interests, methodologies, and concerns with the larger community; share information and resources; and raise issues of general interest to all working scholars regardless of their discipline or situation.