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Accessible scholarship (comment)


If you have ever tried and failed to obtain a legal copy of a scholarly publication, you know how frustrating it can be. It is more than twice as frustrating to obtain a copy and then discover that you cannot read it because of its format.  If you have normal eyesight but have struggled to read a microscopic and unenlargeable book or .pdf on your phone, you can understand how annoying it is to confront this problem every day.

Free speech in the Ivory Tower? (comment)


The topic of academic freedom of speech has come up even more urgently in the past couple of years as the internet has both magnified the reach of classroom comments and made it easier for those who are outside institutions of higher education to participate, or interfere, in what used to be internal discussions. Recently, Academe, the newletter for the American Association of University Professors, dedicated an entire issue to "the state of the academic profession in a political climate that has exacerbated existing threats to higher education." 

University Museums and Collections worldwide (resource)


Another list for scholars has posted a link to this database of worldwide university museums and collections including such items as arboretums and botanic gardens, archeology collections, and art collections. The list itself is a fascinating read, and could make for many pleasant expeditions or detours but the listings of addresses, holdings, contacts and hours are also helpful when planning research trips.

translating scholarly findings for the public, comment


on his blog, "Mainlymedicalphysics: Thoughts about medical physics, academia, cycling and other stuff," Adam Gibson comments about his experience in handling press discussions of his scientific work and offers advice for other scholars who face a similar task.  Below are links and a brief excerpt:

"Aftermath of a press adventure"
Posted on 15 January, 2018 by Adam Gibson