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Self-E for self-published works


The "Self-E" service enables libraries to provide copies of self-published works by local authors.  The works must be uploaded by their authors.  If your library participates, you will also gain access to these works. 

Library Journal is also "curating" a collection of books in various genres--unfortunately serious non-fiction is not one of them.

For more information, visit http://self-e.libraryjournal.com/libraries.


National Endowment for the Humanities announces awards


The National Endowment for the Humanities has announced the award of $36.6 million in grants for scholarship to more than 200 projects for the coming year.

The announcement can be found at


The Arts Beat blog on the New York Times website contains a brief story that mentioned the new "Public Scholar" program which received $1.7 million.

H-Scholar changes in response to changes at the Commons


            Today, July 20, H-Scholar stops forwarding to you the daily digests from H-Announce, which include the weekly Job Guide, and weekly Reviews. In a message ten days ago, I explained the reasons for this change, and described how you could get all of this material directly from H-Announce. I assume many of you have done so. However, since today is the cut-off, I’ll give you the instructions again in case you need them.



Here are two ways for you to access the announcements, Job Guide and Reviews for yourself.

H-Net Academic Announcements (Daily Digest) for July 17, 2015


[Editor's note: Per my message to subscribers on July 10, 2015, this posting continues a series of updates for Daily Digests from H-Announce. If you want to follow up on any of these items, go to H-Announce on the H-Net Commons (https://networks.h-net.org/h-announce) and scroll down the list of announcements for the item you want. BCB]

1. CFP: 42nd Annual Conference of the African Literature Association (April 6-9, 2016)

Independent Scholars in the News (comment)


Those of you who have been subscribed to H-Scholar for some time will recognize the name of Ann Lowenthal, our colleague, friend and long-serving H-Scholar editor.

Ann resigned as editor in order to consult on an exhibit of works by Joachim Wtewael, a master painter of the late sixteenth and early seventeenth century.

The exhibit has now moved from Wtewael's home in Utrecht to the National Gallery in Washington.  There was a very long and laudatory review in today's New York Times which includes a credit for Ann as "consulting scholar."