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SNAC (comment)


The Social Netowrks and Acrhival Content: SNAC is a project to link archival material about individuals, their affiliations and social networks that is scattered in many different archives.  For example, an archive may have holdings about a nonprofit, but archives for some of the members of that nonprofit may be in different archives, as are the records of the colleges/universitites they attended, and for other organizations these same individuals led or joined.  SNAC is building a single searchable archive to bring these scattered items together again virtually.

New blog article on academic blog indexing and scholarly social networking providers

The Early Modern Online Bibliography blog has a new post by Eleanor Shevlin that discusses a new academic blog indexing service.  In the blog, she also reviews the discussion concerning such "academic" social networks as Academia.edu and ResearchGate and asks what the implications are for the ability of scholars to control the dissemination of their own work and how these new initatives will affect traditional means of disseminating academic research such as the MLA bibliography.  The post includes several links to other related articles.

You can find it at