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Recent Content

Comment: Monographs, Transparency and Open Access


Below is a link to a long post on "Monographs, Transparency and Open Access" by Jill O'Neill that was published on the Scholarly Kitchen website.  O'Neill gives the example of a book published many years ago on Jane Austen and tracks her search for information about the book, which eventually leads to an Open Access copy.  She points out that often metadata about a book is incorrect, incomplete or misleading and that readers not only lack consistent access to information about access to texts, but also to information about their licensing status.

Web Resources: PhilPapers


Phil Papers is a search portal that retrieves articles and papers on philosophy.  Hosted by the University of Western Ontario, it includes listings of new works, forums for article comments and discussions, searches by topics, and an index of about half a million items.  It is possible to refine the search to retrieve only items available on open access, to search only for "pro" articles (articles by PhDs in philosophy or authors published in leading journals), set up content alerts, and to create an advanced search.