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Recent Content

The Equal Rights Amendment in the 21st Century conference

    Title: Registration: The Equal Rights Amendment in the 21st

       Century conference

    Location: Rhode Island

    Date: 2013-11-15

    Description: Dear Colleagues, On November 15-16, Roger Williams

       University (Bristol, RI) will host a conference on "The Equal

       Rights Amendment in the 21st Century." The conference program

       has turned out to be absolutely amazing. We have presenters

       coming to the conference from from Germany, Israel, Canada, and

       a ...

Currents of the Black Atlantic

    Title: CFP: Currents of the Black Atlantic -  2014 ESA Conference,

       The Graduate Center, CUNY

    Location: New York

    Date: 2013-12-01

    Description: Two decades since its publication, Paul Gilroys The

       Black Atlantic (1993) united conversations about race,

       diaspora, modernity, and slavery within the Atlantic world. As

       its point of departure, the conference theme takes after

       Gilroys ethos of looking outside of established racial and

       nationalist ca ...

Reconsidering "Roots"

    Title: Call for Abstracts: Scholarly Essay Collection on the TV

       Mini-Series Roots

    Date: 2013-11-15

    Description: Reconsidering Roots: Observations on the 40th

       Anniversary of the TV Mini-Series that Changed the Way We

       Understood American Slavery When the television series Roots

       premiered in 1977, Americans across the United States tuned in

       to watch the story of an enslaved African American familys

       continuing qu ...

The History of Military Occupation

    Title: The History of Military Occuaption Series

    Description: The History of Military Occupation A new series from

       the University of Illinois Press A Call for manuscripts Books

       in the series should concentrate on the under-developed issues

       of military occupation and of related civil-military relations.

       Situated within the extensive borders of war, society and  ...


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En-Gendering Human Rights

Title: 3rd Annual Student Research Forum on Human Rights:

       (En)Gendering Human Rights

    Location: Virginia

    Date: 2013-12-05

    Description: Call for Proposals from Undergraduate and Graduate

       Student Researchers, 3rd Annual Forum on Human Rights -

       En)Gendering Human Rights The 3rd Annual College of Liberal

       Arts and Human Sciences Research Forum on Human Rights,

       (En)Gendering Human Rights, will take place on the campus of

       Virginia Tech lo ...