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Call for Applications: American Councils Programs Abroad in Russian, Balkan, and Eurasian Languages

Dear H-NET colleagues, Happy New Year from AC Study & Research Abroad!  

American Councils is pleased to offer the following programs for students, scholars, and professionals in the REES field in 2023:

Towns and Cities in the Russian Empire, ed. by Boris Belge and Ulrich Hofmeister. Special Issue: Moderne Stadtgeschichte 2022/2 (partly in German)

Towns and Cities in the Russian Empire, ed. by Boris Belge and Ulrich Hofmeister. Special Issue of Moderne Stadtgeschichte 2022/2 (partly in German)


Boris Belge / Ulrich Hofmeister: Einleitung: Die Stadt und das Russländische Imperium im 18. Jahrhundert

Tilman Plath: „Fremde Negocianten“ in St. Petersburg und Riga im 18. Jahrhundert als Herausforderung des russländischen Merkantilismus

Re: How the Field was Colonized: Russian History’s Ukrainian Blind Spot

Smith-Peter is to be commended for initiating a potentially productive discussion concerning the ways of influence as they relate to Michael Karpovich, his students, and the development of the field of Russian historical studies in the United States.  Let me be clear: The following is in no way meant to be a comprehensive answer to the important questions addressed by Smith-Peter.  Instead, it’s a bloggy “hot take,” based on materials at hand, composed in some haste at the end of the day, intended to advance the discussion.


H-Net Job Guide Weekly Report For H-Russia: 5 December - 12 December

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Special issue of JMSS on Russia and the war in Ukraine

Dear Readers,

The University of Calgary's Journal of Military and Strategic Studies has just published a special issue on the current war in Ukraine with contributions from Geoffrey Roberts, Paul Robinson, Andrej Krickovic and Richard Sakwa, Andrei Tsygankov, Olayinka Ajala and Alexander Hill (guest editor). The contents of the special issue are as below. All articles are free to download. All of the articles in one way or another challenge the dominant Western narratives on the causes of and course of the war to date.


Alexander Hill