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CfP: Putting the Empire into Music. Investigating the VIA Phenomenon (23/24.04.2020)

All across the Soviet Union, from Belarus to Central Asia, from Moscow to Georgia, the VIA phenomenon (Vokal’no–instrumental’nyi ansambl’) played a central role in Soviet popular music and culture. The label VIA applied to acts which were quite distinct from other musical genres and subcultures (bards, punk, rock and jazz) and was invented by the Soviet authorities in the early 1960s in order to counter the growing influence of Western pop music in the empire.

Call for Applications: Open Research Laboratory at Illinois

The Russian, East European, and Eurasian Center at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign is now accepting applications from regional specialists (including advanced graduate students, faculty, independent scholars, and library science or other professionals with appropriate qualifications) to conduct short-term research concerning all aspects of Russian, eastern European, and Eurasian studies in conjunction with the fall Open Research Laboratory (ORL),

CFP: "The Life of Soviet Nations, 1920s-1950s" for RUDN Herald history journal

CFP: The Life of Soviet Nations, 1920s-1950s / Жизнь наций СССР в 1920−1950-е гг.

In early 2020, the history journal of the Russian “Friendship of the Peoples” University, the Herald (Вестник российского университета дружбы народов. Серия: История России), plans to publish a special issue on Soviet nations and the national question in the USSR through the end of the Stalin period (with the exception of articles focusing on WWII, which is the subject for another free-standing 2020 issue).

TOC: State, Religion, and Church 6 (1)

We're pleased to announce that the new issue of State, Religion and Church, published under the aegis of the Russian Presidential Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA), is now available. Please visit http://srch.ranepa.ru/node/581 for the full issue.

Table of Contents:


Andrey Shishkov, "Discussing the Concept of Conservative Ecumenism"