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Recent Discussions

New Book on Chinese Youth, Immigrant Advocacy, and Rural "New Destinations"

Dear colleagues:

I am pleased to announce the publication of my new book, Lawyering an Uncertain Cause: Immigration Advocacy and Chinese Youth in the U.S.(Vanderbilt University Press).

With public outrage rightfully centering on the U.S.’ treatment of young migrants and their families, this book explores critical and timely—yet largely unconsidered—dimensions of mobility and advocacy:

proposing a panel for 2019 Rural History

I am interested in putting together or joining a proposed panel for the 2019 Rural History conference at the EHESS. My paper will be about the calculation of crop yields from auctions of standing grain (called ventes de fruits pendant par racine in French) that were done as part of the probate process. The paper deals with the period 1700-1830, and deals with the province of Burgundy.

Panel Proposal for Agricultural History Society Annual Meeting

While I have an individual paper proposal prepared to submit, I first wanted to find if there was any interest in putting together a panel on Music and Power in Agricultural History. The proposal I have put together has to do with Farm Aid and the power of celebrity to not only assist farmers and rural America but to open a dialogue about the struggles faced in rural areas, small towns, and farms within popular music, especially country, and it's various sub-genres. If interested, please reply or email me at wholly [at] asu.edu


William Holly