H-Romania is an international interdisciplinary academic network promoting the professional study, criticism, and research of all aspects of Romanian history, politics, culture and society.  It focuses primarily on the countries of Romania and Moldova but also attends to numerous other past and present political, ethnic and social groups, including minorities and diasporas, in terms of their significant connections to present-day Romanian territory.

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Newsletter Editor(s) Needed

The Society for Romanian Studies is looking for one or two new Newsletter Editors to replace Ana Fumurescu and Cristina Plamadeala. The Editor serves a 4-year term and has responsibility for soliciting news from members and compiling the SRS biannual newsletter published each Spring and Fall. The Editor is a member of the SRS Executive Board. We are looking for a dynamic, well-organized, young scholar or graduate student with interests in Romanian Studies, broadly defined.

Book Review: Irina Marin, "Peasant Violence and Antisemitism in Early Twentieth-Century Eastern Europe" (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2018)

Marin, Irina: Peasant Violence and Antisemitism in Early Twentieth-Century Eastern Europe. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan 2018.
ISBN 978-3-319-76068-1; XVII, 304 S.; EUR 79,99.

Rezensiert für den Arbeitskreis Historische Friedens- und Konfliktforschung bei H-Soz-Kult von:

Martin Dorn, Heidelberg

In ihrer Monographie blickt Irina Marin wortwörtlich über Grenzen hinweg. Die Autorin betrachtet die gewaltsamen Bauernaufstände des

New publication: Archive in Rumänien (II) [Archives in Romania (Part II)]

Spiegelungen. Zeitschrift für deutsche Kultur und Geschichte Südosteuropas

[„Spiegelungen“. Journal for German Culture and History of Southeastern Europe]


Heft 2/2018, Jg. 13 (67), Verlag Friedrich Pustet, Regensburg

[Volume 13 (67), Issue 2 (2018), published by Friedrich Pustet, Regensburg]

CfA: SRS 2019 Graduate Student Essay Prize


Deadline: July 1, 2019


The Society for Romanian Studies is pleased to announce the Eleventh Annual Graduate Student Essay Prize competition for an outstanding unpublished essay or thesis chapter. The submitted single-author work must be written in English by a graduate student in any social science or humanities discipline on a Romanian or Moldovan subject, broadly and inclusively understood.


CfP: Digging Politics: The Ancient Past and Political Present in East-Central Europe

Workshop Date: 12th – 13th June 2019 at Durham University, University College

This workshop will explore political uses of ancient pasts and archaeology in east-central Europe in the states during the Cold War and post-communist period. While studies have often focused on individual episodes such as Dacomania in Romania or the Thracian past in Bulgaria, this workshop will bring together different approaches and disciplines in a collaborative, comparative and interdisciplinary manner.