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H-Romania is an international interdisciplinary academic network promoting the professional study, criticism, and research of all aspects of Romanian history, politics, culture and society.  It focuses primarily on the countries of Romania and Moldova but also attends to numerous other past and present political, ethnic and social groups, including minorities and diasporas, in terms of their significant connections to present-day Romanian territory.

Recent Content

SRS Newsletter - Spring 2014

The Spring issue of the SRS newsletter is out!

Highlights of this newsletter include:

* SRS Graduate student essay prize announcement
* Call for Papers for the next SRS conference in 2015
* Obituary: Stephan Fischer-Galati
* Soundbites on Politics, Economics, and Moldova's fears about Putin
* Conference report on the Romanian Studies conference at Bloomington, IN
* Fellowships, upcoming events, calls for papers
* Recent publications in Romanian studies



Call for Papers: Classics and communism in theater

Date : 15-18.01.2015

Place : Faculty of "Artes Liberales," University of Warsaw

Deadline: 02.05.2014

Convenors : Faculty of "Artes Liberales," University of Warsaw, and the Department of Classical Philology, Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana