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Special request: Letter to Mihai Viteazul (Michael the Brave) in Filitti (ed.) 'Din arhivele Vaticanului'. volume 2 (1914), page 71.

Dear All,

Please would somebody help me out by sending me a scanned copy of the following document?

It is an Italian language letter from the English ambassador in Constantinople, Edward Barton to Prince Mihai of Wallachia (Michael the Brave / Mihai Viteazul) written and sent in 1597.

It was published by Ioan Constantin Filitti in 'Din arhivele Vaticanului', vol. 2 (Bucuresti, 1914), page 71.

I have been able to locate three copies of this book by online library catalogue searches:  Bucharest (Bucuresti), Padua (Padova) and New York.