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George Enescu

Dear colleagues,

A friend of mine is seeking to obtain sheet music scores of some works of George Enescu. The pieces in question are:

Piano Quintet (op. 29),

2nd Piano Quartet (op. 30),

3rd Symphony (op. 21),

Chamber Symphony (op. 33).

Theodor Grigoriu's orchestration of Enescu's work Impressions d'Enfance (op. 28).

Would anyone be able to advise as to how I could obtain them for him?

Re: Query: Cursing

Here are a few more references to add to the works already posted:

Codarcea, Cristina 'La malédiction dans les documents de la Valachie', Revue des études sud-est européennes, 32:1-2 (1994), 53-61.

Iancu, Andreea 'Binecuvântarea şi blestemul părinţilor în discursul testamentar (Bucureşti, sfârşit de secol XVIII-început de secol XX). Studiu de caz', Studii şi materiale de istorie medie 21 (2003), 57-70.