H-Risk-and-Safety promotes an interdisciplinary, intellectural exchange about the history of risk, accidents, safety and disasters. H-Risk-and-Safety will introduce a much needed historical exploration of how a variety of actors dealt with risk and constructed safety from ancient times to the present. This network will provide a forum for scholars to exchange bibliographic information, research and teaching aids in an effort to promote an international examination of concepts of risk and safety broadly defined.

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Re: BBC Broadcast on ROPSA

Thanks Cat,

Most helpful. A relative (knowing my research predilections) got in touch to let me know the programme was on, and though I missed it, I have recorded it via Box of Broadcasts, for those (UK-based, I think) who have access to this very useful tool where it will be available in perpetuity. Haven't yet listened to it, but am looking forward to hearing it ... with my critical ears wide open!


BBC Broadcast on ROPSA

Caught the closing credits of this twice yesterday, so this is just in case anyone else missed it. BBC Radio 4 has a series on British institutions called "What's the point of...?" and yesterday's episode was on The Royal Society for the Preventiation of Accidents (ROSPA). It is available on iPlayer, although if you're not in the UK it won't be accessible.