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Patricia Roberts-Miller
Ryan Skinnell

Skinnell on Roberts-Miller, 'Demagoguery and Democracy'

Patricia Roberts-Miller. Demagoguery and Democracy. New York: Experiment, 2017. 135 pp. $9.95 (cloth), ISBN 978-1-61519-408-7.

Reviewed by Ryan Skinnell (San Jose State University) Published on H-Rhetor (May, 2018) Commissioned by Cristen Fitzpatrick (St. John's University)

New Book Review Editor and a Call for Reviewers

Hello, everyone!

If I may introduce myself: I am the new Book Review Editor on H-Rhetor, and I am excited to work with you. I am currently a PhD fellow in the Institute for Writing Studies at St. John's University, focusing on feminist rhetoric and digital feminism.

I'd also like to take this opportunity to solicit book reviewers for H-Rhetor. If anyone is interested in this, please contact me, and we can discuss the opportunity.

Thank you!

Cristen Fitzpatrick

Call for Applicants: 2018 Summer Institute in Rhetoric and Public Culture, “New Modes of Political Protest: 1968 to 2018”

The annual Rhetoric and Public Culture Summer Institute at Northwestern University is scheduled to be held on July 9-13, 2018 (with arrival July 8 and departure July 14).

This year's theme is: "New Modes of Political Protest: 1968 to 2018.” Institute conveners are Dilip Gaonkar (Rhetoric and Public Culture, Northwestern University) and Randall Bush (Lecturer, MSC Program, Northwestern University).


Book announcement

New book

Faking the News: What Rhetoric Can Teach Us About Donald J. Trump (Societas Press)

Ed. Ryan Skinnell

Donald J. Trump’s speaking and tweeting invite passionate reactions—maybe he’s a blue-collar billionaire hero, or maybe he’s an illiterate,
unqualified idiot. Whatever you think, there’s no question that he was highly rhetorical. This book is about what made him so persuasive and why
it’s important to understand.