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CFPanelists: Walter Fisher's Narrative Paradigm, NCA

Margaret Zulick and I are putting together a panel for NCA in Chicago on the critical re-examination of Walter Fisher's Narrative Paradigm after thirty years.  There is space for additional papers - if you are interested in submitting an abstract for this panel please contact me and I will send you the panel description.  This is rather a last minute addition after it occured to me that Professor Fisher first published his concept of the narrative paradigm thirty years ago.  Examinations of the influence of this concept, case studies, critical reconceptualizations, etc., will be welcomed.

Those interested can respond to me off-list: anleslie@davidson.edu

or / or?

Dear rhetoricians,

No doubt this is the kind of question one could answer by going out and becoming learned. But instead I will ask you, who have already done so: What is an appropriately technical way to talk about usage of "or" in a redundant or synonymic dyad, vs. "or" in an actual logical divergence?

That is, between a usage like:

"The archer will loose, or shoot, the arrow"

and one like

"The archer will loose or keep the arrow"


Grateful for any help

JD Fleming

Database of Nordic Neo-Latin Literature


The Database of Nordic Neo-Latin literature is now accessible on the internet (www):


Presented in the database is information on thousands of Neo-Latin texts from or about the Nordic countries, between 1500 and 1800. The language of the descriptions is English.

The database is a tool for students of the history of literature, science, ideas etc. It aims primarily at describing the contents of Nordic Neo-Latin books and publications.

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