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Seeking Alumni of Public History Graduate Programs in England

Dear Colleagues,

One of my undergraduate history majors is investigating public history graduate programs in England.  He is a smart, motivated student with strong academic skills and good knowledge of public history.  Are there any alumni of English ph programs who would be willing to share information about their experiences?  Or at least comment on how graduate training is different abroad as compared to the United States?  If so, please contact me off-list at daniel.vivian@louisville.edu.

Daniel Vivian

Around the Field, October 25, 2016

Below are this week's listings of professional opportunities in public history.  For links to full details, visit the NCPH blog, History @ Work:



To submit an item to this weekly listing, email us at historyatwork@ncph.org


“Locating Imagination: Popular Culture, Tourism, and Belonging” – April 5-7 2017, Rotterdam, Netherlands