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Professional Opportunities, April 15 and April 22

Below are this week's listings of professional opportunities in public history.  For links to full details, visit the News section of the Public History Commons:


ANNCT: Ford’s Theatre, Washington, D.C. invites input from audiences, teachers, scholars on new digital project, “Remembering Lincoln”
Survey can be accessed here

2015 NCPH Annual Meeting - Nashville, Tennessee, April 15-18, 2015

2015 NCPH Annual Meeting - Nashville, Tennessee, April 15-18, 2015

The Call for Proposals is open through July 15 at http://ncph.org/cms/conferences/2015-annual-meeting/


NCPH conferences are stimulating.  Here’s a 3-minute video of the March 2014 Annual Meeting in Monterey: https://vimeo.com/90818899.
Participants find the professional and intellectual exchanges to be invaluable.

QUERY: Seeking Participants for 2015 NCPH Conference Panel Proposal


I would like to get panel together for the 2015 NCPH conference that explores living history or historical reenactors in public history programming. The panel could explore the use of living history in any of the suggested one of the themes sugested for next years conference. I have listed some suggestions below. My own work explores a case study of vintage base ball as public history programing and a framework for improving the practice of these groups.