H-PRC is the H-Net presence of the PRC History Group, a network of scholars with interests in the history of the People’s Republic of China.  We define history broadly, to encompass a wide variety of disciplinary approaches, and we understand the history of the PRC to include eras prior to the official change of state power in 1949.

Recent Discussions

New issue of 《昨天》

The latest issue of《昨天》[Yesterday], no. 77, contains a wonderful personal retrospective - by 何蜀 He Shu, the editor - on twenty plus years spent researching, writing and publishing articles and books about the history of the Cultural Revolution in the PRC. For H-PRC members interested in the evolution of the scholarly field of independent CR studies inside China, it is most definitely a "must read"! See pp.

University of Chicago Library Travel Grants

Dear Colleagues, 

The Center for East Asian Studies at the University of Chicago (CEAS) is pleased to announce that Library Travel Grants are available for AY2016-2017. CEAS Library Travel Grants are designed to assist scholars from outside the Chicago metropolitan area in their use of University of Chicago’s East Asian collections for research related to China, Japan and Korea. 


Hello everyone,

I am a new member here. I am starting my Ph.D. in Chinese Studies at INALCO based in Paris, France. I am embarking into on a long and complex journey as I will reserch the role of Jiang Qing during the Cultural Revolution. I would more than welcome recommendation and contacts from this enlightened community. I am also open to book reviews and collaborative projects. 


Transcript -- Grassroots Factionalism in China’s Cultural Revolution: Rethinking the Paradigm

Felix Wemheuer has made available the following transcript for his roundtable on the Cultural Revolution (AAS 2016 - Seattle).

The roundtable was held on Thursday, March 31, at 7:30 PM, at the Washington State Convention Center. 



Grassroots Factionalism in China’s Cultural Revolution: Rethinking the Paradigms

Discussants: Felix Wemheuer (University of Cologne), Andrew Walder (Stanford University), Jonathan Unger (Australian National University), Joel Andreas (Johns Hopkins University), Yiching Wu (University of Toronto)

China and the New Maoists - new publication

Many H-PRC members will likely be interested in the following new publication:

China and the New Maoists
by Kerry Brown & Simone van Nieuwenhuizen

Published 15 August 2016

An absorbing account of the continued influence of Chairman Mao on contemporary China, and of efforts by the ‘New Maoists’ to claim his legacy.

Review of two recent Deng Xiaoping biographies

Dear colleagues, 

I'm very pleased to share this link to a review of two recent biographies of Deng Xiaoping, one by Michael Dillon (_Deng Xiaoping: The Man Who Made Modern China_, I.B Tauris), and the other by Alexander V. Pantsov ( _Deng Xiaoping: A Revolutionary Life_, written with Steven I. Levine, Oxford University Press). The review writer is H-PRC member Jeremy Brown.