H-PRC is the H-Net presence of the PRC History Group, a network of scholars with interests in the history of the People’s Republic of China.  We define history broadly, to encompass a wide variety of disciplinary approaches, and we understand the history of the PRC to include eras prior to the official change of state power in 1949.

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Most important/influential theoretical work for PRC history?

Hi everyone,

A colleague in my department has asked me to help her assign "a theoretical work that is, in your opinion, one of the most important and influential in your field" for a graduate seminar on historical methods, and then to choose a book or set of articles that "use the theory effectively." 

A New 'Document of the Month' (May 2016)

The PRC History Group presents the latest installment in the Document of the Month series, curated by Michael Schoenhals.  View the entire series at prchistory.org.
Shanghai forty years ago: If you remember “experiencing the Cultural Revolution,” you really weren’t there!

A report to the DAAD: “Über Studium und Leben an der Fudan Universität in Shanghai” (September 197

Announcement and ToC: Sociology of Islam Journal: China, Islam and the Middle East - Volume 4, Issue 1-2, 2016

Dear H-PRC colleagues,
The editors of this exciting new special issue of the Sociology of Islam journal have brought to our attention that several of the articles listed below focus on historical aspects of Middle East-China relations, the history of Salafism in China, and other topics that may be of interest to listserv readers.

Qi Benyu, last surviving member of Central Cultural Revolution Group goes to see Karl Marx

Qi Benyu (戚本禹), the last surviving member of the Central Cultural Revolution Group, passed away this morning, 20 April 2016. Qi hailed from Weihai in Shandong province, but had been born in Shanghai in 1931. He joined the CCP in 1949. A link to his recollections of Mao Zedong, Jiang Qing et al. (as published on the internet last year) appeared earlier on H-PRC, together with a few direct quotes, here: https://networks.h-net.org/node/3544/discussions/77468/qi-benyu-remembers-jiang-qing