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Plain Words: A Spouse Is a Spouse Is a Spouse

It normally takes those of us who are non-native speakers of the Chinese language quite a long time to develop a ”feel” for the insignificance of certain minor terminological differences in official PRC documents. What I have in mind are not the kind of subtle differences that gave rise to Pekingology, but in a sense their opposite: those that we in the end may safely decide don’t mean all that much.

Call for papers: “The Chinese Civil War and the Cold War: the Regional Impact.” Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK. October 27-29, 2016.

“The Chinese Civil War and the Cold War: the Regional Impact”
International Conference
Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK
October 27-29, 2016


Qiu family

Dear all,

I just looked at the online journal JIYI. The first article in no.154

mentions QIu Chun who seems to be the father of the writer Qiu Ran.

Has anyone studied them or their works?

Who was the mother?

Are there more articles on them in the online journals?


Thomas Kampen


Updates concerning PRC history -- a very incomplete list (contributions and additions sought!)

Dear H-PRC listserv members,


Below are my very fragmented notes concerning recent resources, publications, etc. that I have seen circulating in the digital sphere. I'm posting them in part to encourage others to "fill in the blanks" as they see appropriate, either in the thread created by this discussion or in separate posts.