H-PRC is the H-Net presence of the PRC History Group, a network of scholars with interests in the history of the People’s Republic of China.  We define history broadly, to encompass a wide variety of disciplinary approaches, and we understand the history of the PRC to include eras prior to the official change of state power in 1949.

Recent Discussions

AAS Chicago 2015: Call for Abstracts for Panel "Making Sense of Pollution: Understandings of Environmental Matters in the PRC"

Dear all,

we are proposing a panel for AAS 2015 titled "Making Sense of Pollution: Understandings of Evironmental Matters in the PRC". It will focus on how different social actors in China interpret and make use of the concepts of environmental matters. Below you can find the panel abstract.

Professor Abigail Jahiel, Illinois Wesleyan University will be the main discussant.

Professor Basile Zimmermann from the University of Geneva will chair.

CFP: Historical Geographies of the Chinese City‏

CALL FOR PAPERS - “Historical Geographies of the Chinese City: (Dis-) continued Tradition and Plural Urbanisms”
International Conference of Historical Geographers 2015
5-10 July 2015, at the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) in London, UK
Session Co-organisers:
Prof. Xiaohong Zhang, Institute of Chinese Historical Geography, Fudan University;

Currency (and rice) conversion

Hi everybody, 
once again I am availing myself of the collective brain of H-PRC. I am looking at Beijing government documents from the early years of the PRC and I am trying to figure out how to convert currency. Besides renminbi, amounts were expressed in bushels or catties of rice. 
Any reference you could suggest to do this simply and quickly? Maybe it's even in Wilkinson's manual, but I don't have it here.

And sorry for the dumb question. 



AAS panel


A message from Felix Wemheuer:

Dear colleagues,
I plan to organize or join a panel for the next AAS. I would be interested in a panel on “The Cultural Revolution in the Provinces” , “Provincial Politics/Histories in Maoist China” or “Individual and Collective Memories: Making Sense of the Cultural Revolution”.  I am working on the Cultural Revolution in Shandong now.
Best wishes
Professor for Modern China Studies, University of Cologne

Remembrance at prchistory.org

We’re very excited to announce that the PRC History Group has received permission to distribute and archive the Chinese-language journal, Remembrance 记忆 》.  Remembrance is an electronic journal dedicated to publishing and promoting academic research, especially research related to the history of the Cultural Revolution.  Launched in September of 2008 and currently edited by Wu Di 吴迪, Remembrance is distributed to subscribers via email, but current issues will now be published on prchistory.org a