H-PRC is the H-Net presence of the PRC History Group, a network of scholars with interests in the history of the People’s Republic of China.  We define history broadly, to encompass a wide variety of disciplinary approaches, and we understand the history of the PRC to include eras prior to the official change of state power in 1949.

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New Wikipedia Entries on Tiananmen Square Protests of 1989

Hi everyone,

My students have just uploaded 18 (soon to be 20) new pieces of Wikipedia content related to the Tiananmen Square protests of 1989.  This is the second time I have run the class with this assignment, and I was surprised that there were still so many holes on Wikipedia.  

Here's the project page:



Jeremy Brown

Beijing Archives

Once again, I am taking advantage of the collective brain of H-PRC. 
I am going to Beijing to do some preliminary research on my next project, a history of Haidian District between 1953 and 1983. My first obvious destination will be the Beijing Municipal Archive, where I did research years ago for my first book. 

Looking for primary sources on slide shows in Maoist China

Dear all,

I am currently looking for sources on slide shows as means of propaganda in post-1949 China. They played an important role in the science dissemination campaigns during the 1950s and early 1960s. Does anyone have access to 幻灯资料汇编 (several issues, I have found at least 3, dating from 1956-57, publ. by 中华人民共和国文化部电影事业管理局编辑)?

Many thanks, Marc

Graduate methods class in PRC History (call for crowd sourcing)

Hello All,

I would like to develop and teach a graduate methods course in PRC History. By way of making this really happen, I have officially added it the course schedule for Fall 2014. Now I turn to you for help.

My hope is to create a course that is useful to students working on a broad range of topics using a broad range of approaches. I imagine the class should cover such things as:

A New 'Document of the Month' from Michael Schoenhals (April 2014)

The PRC History Group presents the third installment in the Document of the Month series, curated by Michael Schoenhals.  View the entire series at prchistory.org

April 2014

Counter-Revolutionary Cacography: Samples from Shanghai (1972)


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UCLA-Jiaotong Workshop on County Archives of China in the 1950s (re-posted from H-Asia)

UCLA-SJTU Summer Text and Translation Workshop-County Archives of China in the 1950s, UJCLA, July 21-30, 2014


From: Elizabeth Leicester <leicesterea@gmail.com>


UCLA-Shanghai Jiaotong University Summer Text and Translation Workshop County Archives of China in the 1950s July 21-30, 2014 UCLA

Application deadline: April 15, 2014