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Marcel Jesenský
Pavol Jakubec

Jakubec on Jesenský, 'The Slovak-Polish Border, 1918-1947'

Marcel Jesenský. The Slovak-Polish Border, 1918-1947. New York: Palgrave MacMillan, 2014. 264 pp. $90.00 (cloth), ISBN 978-1-137-44962-7.

Reviewed by Pavol Jakubec (University of Gothenburg)
Published on H-Poland (February, 2016)
Commissioned by Paul Brykczynski

The Czechoslovak-Polish Border Dispute over Orava and Spiš Goes International

ASEEES Panel Proposal

Anyone interested in joining a panel on the Eastern Front in WWI?  I've just had a presenter drop out of a proposal  that I had been assembling for the ASEEES anual meeting on 17-20 Nov. 2016 in Washington, DC.  All topics are welcome, from military to social issues.  A timely response is essential, for the deadline for proposals is 15 February.  Interested persons may contact me directly.  My email address is:matthew.schwonek@maxwell.af.mil.