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Seeking Panel for Policy History Conference 2016

Dear Fellow Historians, I am a newly minted PhD currently writing a paper for the Journal of Policy History Conference 2016 in Nashville on the influence of Adlai Stevenson 's foreign policy ideas and advocacy on the 1960s. This paper will also show the importance of the 1956 election. The paper will fit the following panels:

  • Foreign policy formation in the 1950s and 1960s

  • Second look at landslide elections

  • party politics in election years

  • modern Democratic party politics

  • modern American liberalism

Two new books on the social and psychological sciences in American society

Dear Colleagues,

I’m delighted to announce the recent publication of two books.  Both are available in hard cover, paperback, and e-book versions.

1. Mark Solovey, Shaky Foundations: The Politics-Patronage-Social Science Nexus in Cold War America (Rutgers University Press, 2013hb/2015pb).