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Representations of Fear in the German-Speaking World

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We are putting together an edited collection for publication that explores some of the continuities and deviations in the social and cultural history of the German-speaking world from the early modern period to today. In this first call we are seeking submissions examining representations of fear in the German-speaking world. Submissions may deal with any form of fear, from the cultural and religious—witches, demons, illness, or criminality—through to the political, such as the fear of communism.

Films for seventieth anniversary of the birth of the atomic age

This July and August marks the seventieth anniversary of the birth of the nuclear age with the Trinity test in the New Mexico desert and the dropping of the first atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

As J. Robert Oppenheimer said in 1945, "We knew the world would never be the same."

Homefront Frontlines: A Special Issue of Feminist Formations

A special issue of Feminist Formations will feature feminist analyses of the production of homefronts; highlight, interrogate, and complicate how homefront ideologies produce gendered nationalisms during wartimes; mute civilian and military opposition to war; and domesticate the militarism of everyday life.